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Intuitive & Creative Coach. Energy Healer & Reader

Brad Tesh

Freelance Writing

Writing gives the inner voice a remarkable way to affluently express itself. Words carry an energy signature that can stimulate the senses, touch the heart and expand the mind. Within the English language lies a fountain of knowledge, a sea of possibility and reservoir of emotional depth. I enjoy tapping into the energy of words and crafting them into articles, stories, songs, poetry and quotes.

Creating works of art through the written word has always been a burning passion of mine. Writing has the ability to transcend barriers, open hearts, and fill the human spirit with illumination. I enjoy Freelance Writing on various subjects, helping to bring those subjects to Life. I work as a freelance writer in a variety of ways. Please see a list of my offerings below, for which I am available.  

I am available to Write or Collaborate on






~Short Stories

~Writing projects that are Creative